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New Service! Ultrasound Health MOT

A new service we are offering at all 5 of our clinic locations, is now available to book online.

An Ultrasound Health MOT

is a safe and non-invasive way to check the health status of many of your organs. Ultrasound can detect a multitude of diseases and pathologies, which is why it is the second most common imaging test used in Healthcare today.

Our scan involves a thorough assessment of your Abdomen, Renal Tract and Carotid Arteries.

You will receive your detailed report and Ultrasound images within 24 hours of your scan.

In our continuing endeavour to make private healthcare more affordable, we are offering this service for only £250.

We have also partnered with Medichecks, who are one of the UK's foremost blood testing companies. We can now offer you access to their many services. During your Health MOT, we can provide full details of the tests they offer.

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