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Check your Tackle!

"It was eating away at me, having it and not telling anyone and just trying to deal with it myself"

Henri Lansbury, Premier League football star, talking about his own experience with testicular cancer.

Henri made a full recovery, and has recently spoken publicly about how it affected his mental state.

Testicular cancer is the most common type of cancer in men aged 15 to 34, but is seldom talked about, especially in that age group.

It's fantastic to hear people like Henri bring this topic into the public consciousness. It is a highly curable cancer, providing it is detected early. As a Sonographer I have scanned thousands of men over the years. Thankfully, in the vast majority of cases a lump turns out to be something innocent, such as a cyst.

But to the patient, the reassurance a scan provides is invaluable. So many men have kept their worry to themselves, which often takes a huge toll on their mental health. And most times, they put themselves through a lot of stress unnecessarily. However, for some, it means they can receive treatment quickly & successfully, and get on with their lives.

So guys, check yourself regularly. We have two of them, which makes it easy to compare. If you find a lump, don't bury your head in the sand and see your GP.

And why not start the conversation... it might save a life!

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