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Transforming your care with fast & expert  ultrasound diagnosis

  • Wide range of Scans available

  • Book your own appointment online

  • Same-day scans available*

  • Over 28 years of Ultrasound expertise 

  • All single areas £99 per scan

*subject to appointment slot availability

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 Clinics in: Nottingham,
  Lincoln, Newark, Leicester, Loughborough, Sleaford, Southwell
 & Bingham


Our simple online booking system allows you to choose when and where you have your scan.


Using our state of the art Ultrasound equipment, LCL ULTRASOUND provides your scan locally, in clinics throughout Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire. Long journeys and Hospital visits are avoided, and your scan is performed in safe and comfortable surroundings.


We have clinics in Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Leicester, Loughborough, Sleaford, Bingham & Southwell. Click here to see the exact locations, maps, and clinic days.


LCL ULTRASOUND provides a responsive, high-quality, Diagnostic Ultrasound Service for a wide range of medical problems. We help to find the cause of pain and dysfunction.


Click here for our Referral Guidelines, including the body areas we scan, and typical conditions we help to diagnose.

About LCL Ultrasound

  • What is Ultrasound?
    Ultrasound is the second most common imaging test in the UK (after X-Rays). It is also one of the safest tests, as it only uses high-frequency sound waves to form an image of the structures being examined. There are no known risks from the sound waves used. No preparation is necessary, and the process of scanning and reporting takes 20-30 minutes.
  • What are the benefits of using Ultrasound?
    Safe to use, as it does not involve potentially harmful radiation. Excellent image resolution, utilising modern technology to produce images of tendons, muscles, nerves, and soft tissue. Capable of visualising structures measuring a fraction of a millimetre. Dynamic imaging enables the sonographer to manipulate the patients’ body to visualise the movement of joints & tendons in the real-time assessment of injuries, disorders & function. Extremely sensitive Colour Doppler allows real-time assessment of blood flow in vessels, inflammatory pathology within joints and neo-vascular changes in tendons. Increased accuracy in the diagnosis of conditions & visible confirmation for the client, results in a greater likelihood of compliance with effective treatment regimes.
  • Who will carry out my Scan?
    Our Advanced Practice Sonographer is Spencer Laver. A highly experienced practitioner with over 28 years performing a wide range of scans in the NHS and Private Practice. He has additional specialist qualifications in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound & is HCPC and CQC Registered.
  • How much does a scan cost?
    The price of a single-area Ultrasound scan, including a same-day report, is only £99. The Ultrasound report will be provided for you and your referrer on the same day as your scan. Two region scans are £175 for the same appointment slot. Any further scans will require a separate booking.
  • How do I book a scan?
    Simple: Just click on the Book tab and choose when & where to have your scan. Clinics are held weekly, resulting in minimal waiting times for a scan.
  • Any Questions?
    If you have any questions, just click on the Contact us tab and choose your preferred option. We aim to reply to you as soon as we possible.
NHS waiting times are longer than ever.
Private hospitals charge up to £400 for a scan. 
LCL Ultrasound offers you a faster and more affordable alternative. For only £99 we offer a huge range of scans & you can get your scan & report within a week! Backed up by over 28 years experience in Ultrasound, you will receive the highest quality care available. What's more, you can book your own scan online, without the need for a doctors referral. Our 30 minute appointments allows us time to to treat you as an individual, not a number. With a timely diagnosis, treatment will be more effective and leads to a faster recovery.
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